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Sustainable Water Managment in Urban Space


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Project description

emscher catchment - sustainable stormwater management


The Emschergenossenschaft has put up an ambitious aim: within the next 15 years about 15% of the Emscher catchment’s stormwater will be disconnected from the sewer system.

To reach this aim the Emschergenossenschaft cooperates with the cities in the Emscher catchment. All Municipalities are going to sign the “future contract stormwater” of the Emschergenossenschaft, which supports the aim of disconnecting.


Managing the storm water runoff at its source, the disconnection projects will support a more nature-like flow regime in the new tributaries of the Emscher and reduce financial efforts for end-of-pipe-measures in the conventional drainage systems. A great part of the stormwater that disappears nowadays in the sewer will be drained into the ground or feed the brooks and tributaries of the Emscher system tomorrow.


Within Urban Water several measures are going to be undertaken to find intelligent solutions for disconnecting. Especially interesting are concepts for  housing settlements, business sites, former and active industrial sites as well as design for public spaces. 


The development of new tools such as tax models, maintaining models, software and communication strategies is part of Urban Water, as well as feasibility studies for regional projects with large (new) settlements. 

The Westfalenstadion has a great disconnection potential.

For more than ten years pilot projects have been realized all over the Emscher catchment. To raise public awareness the Emschergenossenschaft focuses now also on selected sites with high public frequency such as the Westfalenstadion in Dortmund, a famous football stadion.


To demonstrate how disconnected stormwater can be used for new landscape design, the drainage concept for the settlement Welheimer Mark in Bottrop is a shining example. To read into a success control study about several pilot projects see download area below.


An impressing example for disconnection potential is the area of Hoesch Spundwand, a heavy industry site producing steel profiles. For a feasibility study with detailed information see download area below.

Realised projects

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