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Sustainable Water Managment in Urban Space


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Route of Stormwater

The Emschergenossenschaft has realised several disconnection projects on housing estates, business sites as well as industrial areas. Here you can find examples of the "route of stormwater" which shows pilot projects through the whole Emscher catchment.


Click on the pictures to enlarge them.


Bochum - housing "Im großen Busch"

Stormwater is led to the infiltration plants by simple open gutters.

Infiltration plants of high design quality. improve housing environment. Where topology makes it necessary, standered pipes lead stormwater to the ponds.

Duisburg - schoolbuilding "Gesamtschule Globus"

The “snail” is infiltration ditch as well as playground element. Two additional shafts in it's centre infiltrate stormwater of heavy rainfall events.

A stormwaterpond on the school yard – a maximum water level of 20 cm guarantees children’s safety. All school yard area is covered with pavement of pervious stones.

Essen - Aldi logistic center

Floor plan of the business site

Arial view

Big gutters with „nature-like“ stone soil lead stormwater to the infiltration hollow – a successful combination of business architecture and landscape design.

A hollow of 3000 m² gives the former backyard new leisure qualities for the employees.

Herten - Hospital St.-Elisabeth

Too wet for grass, hollows can be designed as lovely areas of higher moisture with a gravel soil.

All drainage systems come together in cascades surrounding and crossing the area.

Oberhausen - Elly-Heuss-Foundation

Simple hollows are invisible in dry periods and have no restrictions for use in these times.

An often appearing problem within disconnection projects in existing structures: no existing cable / pipe maps make it difficult to find space for new ones – not to talk of digging damages…

Last update:  17:05 06/04 2005
Dortmund (Lake Phoenix/ Emscher)
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