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Project description

Vision of Lake Lippe


The decision to start this project was made of the City Council of Hamm in summer 2001: to realise the ”“Masterplan Hamm ans Wasser” - Hamm to the water.


Hamm is a city with about 180.000 inhabitants and is located next to the river Lippe, in the east part of the Ruhrgebiet. It is a city with coal mining history that develops now new urban, natural and social qualities.


The aim of this masterplan is to give the structural change of the City of Hamm a positive development – turning former areas of the heavy industry into places with high quality and living standard. Therefore the masterplan names more than 60 projects along the waterfronts in Hamm, especially the Lippe and the Datteln-Hamm-Canal.


Lake Lippe plays a central role in this concept. It will provide the City with a variety of new chances for urban development. These are besides flooding protection also new business and service-sites, the offer of many recreational and sport activities, areas for living near the water and ecological banks and lake zones.


The design of the project was deepened in a feasibility study September 2002. Now planners and landscape designers, urban planners and engineers are preparing for the official planning approval in 2005.


The Lake will have 43 ha water surface which is about 65 soccer fields. From east to west the length will be about 2 kilometres, the width differs from 100 to 350 metres. Being 3 metres deep the lake will have a volume of one million cubic metres.


The design includes a variety of banks having urban characteristics near the settlements of Hamm and Heessen and more natural, ecological banks near the Lippe. A small bay will invite the people to go for a bath, other areas will be attractive just to relax. The lake’s offers will also include a harbour for sailing boats and a regatta route.


The planning of the lake includes also the ecological improvement of the Lippe – altogether these measures are integrated in the Lippe-meadow-concept, that the Lippeverband realises on demand of the Ministry of Environment of North-Rhine-Westphalia.


The official planning approval procedure is just about to start in May 2005.

Area map

Please find 3D-animations to the different numbered sites for download below.

Download area
No1_Harbour.wmv    7.9 M
No2_yacht_marina.wmv    1.9 M
No3_BAY.wmv    3.4 M
No4_Islands.wmv    0.9 M
No5_natural_bank.wmv    1.3 M
No6_Heessen.wmv    1.9 M
Arial_roundtrip.wmv    4.7 M

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