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Project description


20th June 2005: official planning approval given by the regional authority


Dortmund Lake Phoenix/ opening the Emscher

The Emschergenossenschaft meets new challenges: the realisation of projects like the Lake Phoenix on 2 km2 brownfields and the opening of the river Emscher show the changing competences of the waterboard.


At the project site a steelwork was located - the “Hermannshütte” which closed in 2001. The heart of the future development will be the Lake Phoenix. It will be 24 ha big and filled with groundwater. Different design of the banks will allow different uses: in the south and west an attractive promenade and a harbour will be there for active recreation, whereas in the north and east more ecological zones can be enjoyed. The Lake will be surrounded by 800 housing-units with lake-view. Linked to the centre of Hörde there will be room for business sites, offices, service, recreation, gastronomy and culture.


Today the Emscher flows in a sewer under the Phoenix area. Tomorrow 2,5 km of the Emscher will be restored, the floodplains will be 50 m wide, and recreational functions will be set up. After bringing the river to the surface cycling, relaxing and nature observation will be possible next to the Emscher.


The Emschergenossenschaft works on this project in close cooperation with the Lake Phoenix Ltd., the Municipality of Dortmund and the Dortmunder Stadtwerke.


The actual underground Hoesch canal (blue line across the shape of the future lake) is going to be reopened to develop a nature-like open watercourse for the Emscher. That will run along the north side of the lake, being connected to the lake only in case of flooding.


The today's brownfields will turn into a lake with a recreational area for inhabitants, visitors and all guests of Dortmund as well as for living and working.

Infopoint Lake Phoenix

To inform about the project and to show the actual construction site as soon as it starts, the Emschergenossenschaft and the Lake Phoenix Ltd. have opened the Infopoint Phoenix.


Ten boards provide information about the Emscher and the future lake. From the visitor's platform you have a great view over the area, standing on top of the "Emscher cliff". For presentations or guided tours please phone the hotline: +49 (0)231 9151 333.

Last update:  11:04 08/08 2005
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