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Sustainable Water Managment in Urban Space


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The key issue of this project is lead by the transnational challenge to find new approaches for the development of sustainable, existing urban water systems. The vision is to develop a holistic and generally systemic approach for surface and sewage water systems and to implement this in exemplary locations. The problems to overcome include aspects of water quantity (floods and droughts) and quality (pollution of ground and surface waters). The present dilemma of traditional methods and general attitudes regarding urban water management is that problems are normally solved with “end-of pipe” initiatives. However, urban water systems normally are very complex and they need to be fully integrated into the process of urban planning.

Common issues – common solutions – benefit for Northwest Europe

The experiences and problems are shared by all partners of Urban Water and are common for NWE (NorthWest Europe). For all of them recent changes in the climate regime has shown the limits of the existing water system.


In recent years, severe flash floods and flooding have occurred in Renfrewshire and Nieuwegein, natural water systems in and around Arnhem and Nijmegen have been degraded and heavily modified causing inundations and serious problems during droughts and stretches of rivers have been degraded in to open sewers in Lille and in parts of the catchments of the Lippe and in Emscher.


All these events clearly show the urge to change our common understanding and water management practices in urban areas. An improvement of this situation is possible only through the integration of water management and territorial planning of urban areas. It also calls for new strategies, adopted planning and, if needed, for financial instruments that stimulate the integration of water management and territorial planning.


Also a communication strategy for involved actors should be put in to place to increase common understanding of the urban water system.

The common issue of the Urban Water project

All partners will be closely involved. Comprehensive tools and innovative solutions will be developed, implemented and tested in these pilot areas. Through regular interaction knowledge will be shared and experiences exchanged, maximizing the innovative potential of this joint effort. The experience will lead to innovative approaches and this valuable pool of expertise and newly developed insights and visions will be shared with other regions of NWE through conferences and written reports. Throughout the project the goals of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) will guide our initiatives towards sustainable water management. Urban Water promotes integrated management of water resources and links water management to spatial development policies, which is stated as a prerequisite by the European Spatial Development Perspective.

Last update:  15:04 06/04 2005
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