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Sustainable Water Managment in Urban Space


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Working packages


The work packages (WP) of Urban Water are structured by five thematic blocks:


Project Management and Communication (WP 1-2)
Framework and Studies (WP 3 - 4)
Strategic Planning (WP 5 – 7)
Exemplary implementation and testing (WP 8)
Results, reports, guidelines, policy checks (WP 9)




The work packages (1 – 2)

The work packages build the fundament for the whole project work. They include the start, the accompanying management, internal and external communication activities and the project completion. Here the project will be designed, co-ordinated and communicated to external public.

The work packages (3 – 8)

The work packages (3 – 8) are the “heart” of the project. They include all expertises, strategies and recommendations having been developed by both work groups (WP 2) and being commonly implemented in different locations as examples and test cases.

Concrete outcome within work packages (3-8)

The results of the thematic block “Framework and Studies” will be an available data profile, a description of available decision support tools and a state of the art description for technical solutions as well as an analysis of the legal, financial and organisational background and recommendations for future improvements.


The results of the thematic block “Strategic Planning” will be processes for integrating water management issues into spatial planning policy as well as for assuring a high degree of acceptance within the local stakeholders, leading to comprehensive planning documents.


The results of the thematic block “Exemplary implementation and testing” will be single pilot activities being scientifically and practically proved.


These activities will be examples for the implementation of sustainable urban water management

The results of work package 9

The results of work package 9 will be beside others: 

project reports incl.
a final report
proposals for local, regional, national and European regulations and guidelines 
checklists and manuals for sustainable urban water development

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