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Sustainable Water Managment in Urban Space


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Partner meeting Lille 9/04


The WG meetings take place twice a year and are set up according to the two main topics of Urban Water: By division into working group 1 “Open Water Systems” and working group 2 “Urban Water Changes” all partners will be encouraged to report and organise a close mutual exchange of their experiences. The results of the WG meetings will be implemented in the following activities by elaborating reports and guidelines.


The principal objective of the 1st WG meeting in September 2004 is to establish the working groups to enhance knowledge, understanding and skills in accordance with the planning processes.


The major aim is to find out more about the partner’s planning- and management methods and organisation structure.


The report of the Working group meeting you find here:

1st_WG_meeting_materials.pdf    495 K


Workshop Programme


Wednesday, 8th September


Set up of common fields of work/ tasks/ problems. Discussion of the priority topics

17.00 Working group session

WG 1
WG 2

Presentation and discussion of pilot projects presented by partners


Thursday, 9th September


9.00 Visitation of the Espierre project site

11.00 Working group session

“Communication strategy”

Challenges and set up of communication strategies within the project

13.00 Lunch break

15.00 Visitation of the artificial lake de Héron


Friday, 10th September


9.00 Working group sessions in mini groups

“comparison, work program”

Detailed discussion of the joint activities;

Comparison of the planning and management instruments and organisation structures. Set up questions to work on.


11.00 Working group session


Final Discussion.

Working plan for the joint activities.


Next Working Group Meeting.



13.00 Lunch and final bilateral exchange

14.00 End of working group meeting


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Partner Meeting 9/04
Launch Conference 3/04
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