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Sustainable Water Managment in Urban Space


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Lead Partner

Renfrewshire Council (RENF)


Renfrewshire Council is Interrreg Project Partner No.3. The Director of Planning and Transport is leading Strand No. 3 of the project. Renfrewshire Council is the local planning authority, roads authority and is responsible for flood prevention and watercourse maintenance matters.


Main Co-participants


Scottish Water (SW)

Scottish Environment Protection Agency SEPA)

Abertay University (AU)

Paisley University (PU)

Jeremy Benn Associates (JBA)


Scottish Water is responsible for the provision of sewerage infrastructure for domestic sewerage, trade effluent and surface water and issues technical approval of proposed sewerage infrastructure to serve development. The water authority has recently completed multi nodal infoworks sewer modelling studies within Renfrewshire catchments.


Scottish Environment Protection Agency regulates the water environment by setting and enforcing conditions on the quality and quantity of water discharged from Scottish Water assets. SEPA  is the Scottish regulating body for the Water Framework Directive and lead authority in developing the River Basin Management Plan (RBMP) for Scotland.


Abertay University is noted as a centre of expertise in relation to sustainable urban water systems (SuDS). The university is also represented within UK national flood groups.


Paisley University represents the local university and will be expected to play a role in monitoring the effectiveness of water network improvements as well as theoretical analysis of new and innovative apparatus.


Jeremy Benn Associates Consulting Engineers and Scientists (JBA) are providing  professional engineering services, in particular geotechnical analysis, hydrological assessments of subcatchments, hydraulic assessments of subcatchment flows and storage and hydraulic modelling and data management


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